Helping leaders in Asset and Motor Finance to recruit

At Growcap Resourcing we take the time to understand your precise requirements in our briefing meeting so that we can build a detailed action plan tailored to those parameters.

It’s more important now, then ever before, to hire the right talent for your business. That’s why Growcap Resourcing help leaders with their Asset and Motor Finance recruitment. From senior executives to entry-level positions, we’re connected to the talent that you need.

At Growcap Resourcing, our consultants have their own tried and tested workforce solution, which enables you to keep your overheads low and avoid the up-front expense and delay usually associated with recruitment.

We are driven not by box-ticking targets but by client satisfaction based on knowledge of both prevailing market forces and the particulars of your brief. Therefore, as soon as we understand clearly what your requirements are, a competitive and fail-safe quote is given.

At Growcap Resourcing we take time to get to know the culture of your business.

We ensure that those candidates who go on to work for you are suitable across all the values of your brand and will fit comfortably into your business environment, as well as into the professional role.

We guarantee:

  • Detailed commentary on each candidate (in many cases we may only put forward ONE candidate, especially where the position is quite unique)
  • Candidates who have been actively sold your company proposition in advance of the interview
  • Support for each step of the process

Our written briefs are succinct and drawn from your instructions with added input from our up-to-date knowledge of current market conditions. We also guarantee complete discretion; your business details and recruitment needs are kept confidential, particularly from competitors.

Our on-going contact with you will keep you up-to-date on how the selection process is going. We also follow up post employment to discuss on-going satisfaction for both you and the candidate. Hand your recruitment needs to us with confidence. Get in touch with us here to start the process of hiring your new role

Why partner with Growcap Resourcing?

Our expert selection process is thorough and effective, at every stage of the brief:

  • Intuitive research
  • Consideration of an appropriate approach towards both your business and the candidate
  • Clear profiling with key compatibility indicators
  • Convenient and fluid interviewing
  • Astute final referencing and short-listing
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Many organisations are now seeking to consolidate all their staffing requirements with one recruitment company taking all responsibility for the management and delivery of staffing solutions. The organisational advantages are clear – a single point of contact, but the same broad access to under-supplied employment markets.

Greater consistency can be achieved for both temporary and permanent staff in terms of rates, selection criteria, contractor support and management.

Growcap Resourcing Managed Recruitment Service is an open and transparent service that provides the required results in a practical and organised manner. We are not a CV submittal service and pride ourselves on being consultants and understanding our clients’ needs, which will change as their business evolves.

Other services offered include:

  • Executive Search and Selection
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Development of Job Descriptions
  • Advice on salaries and benefit packages
  • Detailed References

The efficient running of a department or project can be prejudiced by countless problems – many of them unforeseen.

Immediate Access to Staff

To keep your objectives on track, Growcap Resourcing can provide immediate access to a proven pool of technical, managerial and supervisory staff from the asset/motor financing sector who have the skills needed to “hit the ground running”.

Low-Cost, Fast Service

Our flexible workforce solution allows you to keep your overheads low and avoid the up-front expense and delay associated with the recruitment of permanent staff. There are no fixed “call off” rates for Growcap Resourcing contract staff. This is because pay rates vary according to prevailing market forces as well as the skills and level of experience you require. As soon as we understand clearly what your requirements are, a competitive quote is given.

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